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    Our Story

    Our Clothing Makes the Man, Woman and Kid

    It wasn’t about being poor, or being shy. We didn’t have confidence back then. As we got more money, found our voice, put on some nice clothing and finally talked to the girls, we found it. And there’s only one thing better than finding your confidence.

    We wanted to create a movement, a vibe, build a tribe of people who could become confident, who could find their confidence, who would support everyone else on this journey to dig deep and break past those superficial barriers. We want you to overcome your circumstances and be better than yourself – no competition. We want you to be at peace with the real you, to love yourself for all your awkward moments, and make no apologies about being different – because it’s your unique self that makes you special.

    We created the SLOH apparel clothing line so we could all advertise this message every moment of every day.
    Swagger Level On High? We got that. Sexy Level On High? We got that, too.

    It doesn’t matter what you don’t have, we just want to help you find your confidence.

    We want you to own you.

    SLOH is so much more than casual fashion and unique designs. It’s about you being confident and showing that off to the world. It’s about the world looking back and going “that’s a gorgeous, confident, human.”

    Make Your Impression On the World with SLOH



    Make Your Impression

    Swag Level on High, Sexy Level on High

    We grew up poor. We never had nice clothes because we couldn’t afford them. Wearing hand-me-downs is like being a walking billboard advertising that you have no money – no status – you’re probably just going to be poor all your life.

    We grew up shy. We sat in the back of class, never speaking up even knowing the answers. We watched friends get girlfriends but we couldn’t open our mouth to say anything. It was painful watching ourselves, even back then.

    But life changes. We got older. We learned how to play the game. We shed those clothes, became somebody new, and stepped into our new, confident selves. They say the clothing makes the man, but now we make the clothing that makes the man, the woman, that kid at the back of the classroom.

    You see – we realized that one thing is true: